Vertigo model workshop extension

The design is an extension to the Vertigo model workshop with a temporary function. For courses like this one, which put a tremendous workload on the workshop, the extension can be erected in order to relieve some of the pressure.

The extension of the Vertigo workshop will be placed in this Green Strip, near the building itself. For appearance, a clean, modern design is desired, preferably of rectangular shapes.

This extension provides additional workspace for the model workshop, but it can be much more. When the weather is sunny and warm, lots of students would prefer to be working outside. Unfortunately, there are hardly any good places to set up a workplace. Therefore, this workshop extension will also have a permanent part that can be used all through the year.

The outdoor furniture will become integrated within the Green Strip. The temporary structure will immediately draw attention when erected, serving its purpose: exhibiting the work produced there, as well as the work being done. The foreign structure will draw the attention of people passing by.

On the east side of Vertigo is the ground floor entrance to the model workshop. Currently it is only being used by the workshop personnel, but it should be opened for students when the temporary structure is up. Workshop machines are then easily accessible from the extended area, as can be seen in the floor plan.

The permanent part of the extension will also be a permanent part of the Green Strip, and will be located on the field between Vertigo and De Zwarte Doos.
It consists of square concrete tiles of 1 x 1 meter, adding up to areas of 5 x 5. Concrete walls 900 and 450 millimetres in height confine comfortable spaces. Here and there a 1 x 1 tile is extruded to a height of 900 or 450 millimetre to create sitting furniture, or a workplace. The semi-confined spaces can be used as cosy relaxing objects or as outdoor workplaces.

To integrate the heavy concrete structure in the Green Strip it is partly submerged in the terrain. Also, the structure isn’t too high to begin with, and on multiple sides the grass is almost drawn into the structure. The total floor area adds up to approximately 250 square meters.